Character Set in SQL*Loader

Sometimes we face a problem of SQL*Loader loading data into a wrong column OR only partial data gets loaded into a column. These issues might occur because of the characters in the data being loaded. By default SQL*Loader recognizes data of UTF-8 character set only. If unrecognized characters are found, SQL*Loader might treat it as… Read More »

Do you know how to Retrieve WinSCP Stored Passwords?

Here is a utility WINSCPPWD, a simple command line tool to recover WinSCP stored passwords. Here in this article I will explain how to use this WINSCPPWD utility. Step 1: By default all WinSCP connections are stored as part of Windows Registry, this should be changed to store connections details in a .INI file by… Read More »

How to RETRY/SKIP a workflow from backend

Script to RETRY workflow BEGIN wf_engine.handleerror ( itemtype => ‘OEOL’, itemkey => 2705276, activity => ‘SHIP_LINE’, command => ‘RETRY’, RESULT => NULL ); END; / COMMIT;BEGIN wf_engine.handleerror ( itemtype => ‘OEOL’, itemkey => 2705276, activity => ‘SHIP_LINE’, command => ‘RETRY’, result => NULL ); END; / COMMIT; Script to SKIP workflow BEGIN wf_engine.handleerror ( itemtype… Read More »

FNDLOAD Commands to Migrate WebADI Objects

Below are the different components of WebADI the can be migrated from one instance to another Integrators Contents Layouts Mappings Parameter List Components Integrator Command to Download Integrator FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y DOWNLOAD $BNE_TOP/patch/115/import/bneintegrator.lct XX_INTEGRATOR_LDT_FILE.ldt BNE_INTEGRATORS INTEGRATOR_ASN=”XX_CUST” INTEGRATOR_CODE=”XX_INTEGRATOR_CODE” Command to Upload Integrator FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y UPLOAD $BNE_TOP/patch/115/import/bneintegrator.lct XX_INTEGRATOR_LDT_FILE.ldt Contents Command to Download Contents FNDLOAD… Read More »

SQL*Loader Concepts

SQL*Loader is a bulk loader utility used for moving data from external files into the Oracle database. Capabilities of SQL*Loader Can load data from multiple data files during the same load session Can load data into multiple tables during the same load session Can selectively load data (Records can be loaded based on the records’… Read More »

FNDLOAD and XDOLoader to Migrate XMLP reports

To migrate an XMLP report we need below 4 objects LDT file for Concurrent Program LDT file for XMLP Template and Data Definition XML Data Definition RTF or XLS layout LDT file for Concurrent Program To Download LDT: FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y DOWNLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct XX_EMP_DETAILS_RPT.ldt PROGRAM APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME=XXCUST CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME=XX_EMP_DETAILS_RPT To Upload LDT: FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y… Read More »

PL/SQL Script to Delete Lookup or Lookup Code

/******************************************** *PURPOSE: To Delete Lookup or Lookup Code * *AUTHOR: Shailender Thallam * *********************************************/ SET serveroutput ON; —   DECLARE CURSOR cur_lkp_values IS SELECT lookup_type, lookup_code, security_group_id, view_application_id FROM fnd_lookup_values WHERE lookup_type = ‘XX_LKP_NAME’ AND lookup_code LIKE ‘XX_LKP_CODE’; BEGIN FOR i IN cur_lkp_values LOOP BEGIN fnd_lookup_values_pkg.delete_row (x_lookup_type => i.lookup_type, x_security_group_id => i.security_group_id, x_view_application_id => i.view_application_id,… Read More »