How to make a Product(item) available for iStore?

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Here I listed out all the necessary things to be done to make an item available in iStore Module.

1) Firstly, make sure whether all the necessary Product(item) attributes are set properly or not.

These are the mandatory item attributes to be set for an item:

  • Web Status Flag – Published
  • Orderable on web – Yes
  • OE Translatable – Yes 
  • Customer Order Enabled- Yes

2)  Similarly all iStore products should be present in Price List used while iStore Site Creation setup

3) Order Management Workflow should be assigned to the order type used in iStore (order type profile option – ASO:Default Order Type)

4) The item should belong to the organization setup for profile IBE: Item Validation Organization

5) The item should belong to the category set setup for profile IBE: Category Set

6) The item should not be an ATO configuration instance created during order processing

I made the following query to find out the Category Set from backend.

SELECT b.inventory_item_id, a.description, c.category_set_id, c.category_id,
       b.organization_id, a.web_status, a.customer_order_enabled_flag,
       a.service_item_flag, a.primary_uom_code, a.bom_item_type, b.LANGUAGE,
       a.start_date_active, a.end_date_active
  FROM mtl_system_items_b_kfv a, mtl_system_items_tl b, mtl_item_categories c
 WHERE b.inventory_item_id = c.inventory_item_id
   AND b.organization_id = c.organization_id
   AND c.inventory_item_id = a.inventory_item_id
   AND c.organization_id = a.organization_id
   AND (   UPPER (b.description) LIKE (UPPER ('%C57BL/6-[KO]IL13Ra2%'))
        OR (UPPER (a.concatenated_segments) LIKE
                                            UPPER (('%C57BL/6-[KO]IL13Ra2%'))

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