11 Reasons for a Sales Order to get Backordered!

By | October 6, 2011 | 14,067 views | Category: Order Management

A Sales Order can get into backorder state after performing Pick Release on a Sales Order but there are many reasons for a Sales Order to get backorder. Today I will list the possible reasons for a Sales Order to get backorder.

  1. Order on Hold
  2. Inventory Period NOT open
  3. No enough on-hand quantity
  4. No enough quantity to reserve/transact
  5. No on-hand quantity in required sub-inventory
  6. The Lot from which items are selected is inactive/expired
  7. Wrong Item reservation (even inventory have enough quantity)
  8. Inventory reserved for other sales orders
  9. Inventory picked-up by other sales orders
  10. Previously done return to stock not properly performed
  11. Move order is in pending state

PS: This is not the end of the list, there will be many reasons for a sales order to get backorder. I will keep this list updated as and when I come across some more new reasons.

If you are aware of any more other reasons for a sales order to get backorder then please do comment, I will update the list with your name.

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  • Abbas1604

    in Sales Order Lines status is Awaiting shipping, whare as when iam cheking the status in shipping transaction status is ‘Back Order’ Please sugest, my inv period is open, and On hand quantity also fulfill the Order uantity.

    • Hi Abbas,

      Did you try progressing your order by going to actions menu?


  • Umashankarr M

    when an order is closed ..in that closed order ,I  added a line in closed order as it is showing status at line level is “AWAITING SHIPPING” ..after performing the release sales order ” Shipping Exceptions Report” is execting failed ,,and  ur doing SHIP CONFORM  this results  to backorder as the line STATUS changes to “BACKORDERD”  …I 

  • Shashi Kiran

    One more reason for backorder: In an Oracle Warehouse Management enabled organization, you must specify the staging subinventory and locator within the pick release criteria. If you fail to specify the staging subinventory and locator, then the line(s) will be backordered.

  • kalyan

    Not defining shipping parameter ship confirm rule will lead to back order