Drop Shipment Functional Process and Technical Information

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Drop Shipment Functional Process

Oracle Order Management and Oracle Purchasing integrate to provide Drop Shipments. Drop Shipments are orders for items that your supplier ships directly to the customer either because you don’t stock or currently don’t have the items in inventory, or because it’s more cost effective for the supplier to ship the item to the customer directly. Drop Shipment was introduced in R11.

1 – Identify internally ordered item and create the Sales Order Using the Seeded Item and Customer
2 – Progress the Sales Order Workflow – and execute the Requisition Import
3 – Autocreate the Requisition into a Purchase Order and Approve
4 – Create the Receipt and confirm the Sales Order Line is now Shipped
5 – Review the Sales Order Line – confirm it is Closed – view Invoice

Mandatory Item Master Setup

  • Purchased (PO) Enabled
  • Purchasable (PO) Enabled
  • Transactable (INV) Enabled
  • Stockable (INV) Optional
  • Reservable (INV) Optional
  • Inventory Item (INV) Optional
  • Customer Ordered (OM) Enabled
  • Customer Orders Enabled (OM) Enabled
  • Internal Ordered (OM) Disabled
  • Internal Orders Enabled (OM) Disabled
  • Shippable (OM) Optional
  • OE Transactable (OM) Enabled
 SELECT prh.segment1 req_num          ,
  prh.interface_source_code           ,
  prl.line_num req_line_num           ,
  poll.line_location_id po_line_loc_id,
  poh.segment1 po_blanket_num         ,
  poh.org_id org                      ,
  hr.name                             ,
  oed.line_location_id oe_line_loc
   FROM po_requisition_headers_all prh,
  po_requisition_lines_all prl        ,
  po_line_locations_all poll          ,
  po_headers_all poh                  ,
  oe_drop_ship_sources oed            ,
  hr_all_organization_units hr
  WHERE prh.requisition_header_id = prl.requisition_header_id
AND hr.organization_id            = poh.org_id
AND prl.line_location_id          = poll.line_location_id
AND poh.po_header_id              = poll.po_header_id
AND oed.line_location_id          = poll.line_location_id
AND poh.org_id                    = '&org_id'
ORDER BY poh.creation_date DESC;
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  • Jagadish R Jain

    Gud one…:-):-)

  • Rai Prashant Kumar Rai

    Shailendar, while creating dropship, i have booked a sales order with the line source type as external , but still i am unable to import the requisition, it says no errors in the table,but still no requisition lines are created, can u guide me what could be the problem?

    • @raiprashantkumarrai:disqus: are you sure the item master setup is correct?

      • Rai Prashant Kumar Rai

        Yes Shailender , item setup is fine , the only problem is while importing the requisition, the system is not taking the source( om order line) its saying list of values contains no entries, APP FND 01436 list of value cannot find any values for u to choose. plz help me

        • Sunil Singh Sikarwar

          Make sure you have Sourcing rule assigned to Item