Making a DFF Segment read only through ‘Special’ type of Value Set

By | April 7, 2014 | 4,374 views | Category: AOL and SYSADMIN

We can make a DFF segment read only by restricting the segment with a valuset of ‘Special’ type.

Steps to create ‘Special’ type of value set:

Create a value set with name “XX_READ_ONLY_VS” and Validation Type as “Special”. Click on “Edit Information’ button and enter the below block of code in under ‘Edit’ and ‘Validate’ event



Configure the DFF Segment with this value set to make then DFF segment as read only from application.
Here in this example I have configured two segments of “Additional Person Details” DFF with “XX_READ_ONLY_VS” value set and you can see in the below screen shot that the segments are now read only.


Alternatively, you can also make the entire DFF segments read only through CUSTOM.PLL

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  • Deepak Padhy

    what is the meaning of FND SQL “BEGIN NULL; END;”

    and it does ?

    • Hello Deepak,

      ‘Special’ type of validation provides key flex field like functionality with range of values, the block of code written in ‘Special’ type validation produces the list of values dynamically based on the code written. Here in our example FND SQL “BEGIN NULL; END;” returns nothing, hence there will be no values for user to enter/select and so the field is disabled. You can see that you cant even place your cursor on that DFF segment.

      Hope this clears!

      Shailender Thallam

      • Roopa

        Hi Shailender,
        After makeing sepcific DFF segnment read only. Can we update from backend through API.

        • @Roopa

          Yes! you can update the attribute either using API or with direct update statement from backend.



          • Roopa

            Hi Shailender,
            Thanks for your reply. I am trying update trhough API,getting below error
            ErrorORA-20001: FLEX-SSV UNSUPPORTED VDATION: N, VSNAME, XX_LIFE_NUMBER_VS(Value set name). Any help on this.
            Thanks in advance.

          • Khaled Diab

            how can I make this for a specific responsibilty

  • Pradeep Mishra

    Hi Shailender,

    I had a similar requirement from client to make a DFF field “read only” in Order Line DFF.
    Your post was really helpful in achieving the same.

    Thanks a lot! This will be useful for many folks from Oracle EBS.


  • Kathy Yung (KathyMimi)

    There is a potential case that when user click “Clear” button on DFF window and “Save”. It still allows users to update the DFF segment to NULL

    • praveen

      Can the same be done to Number Type. When I use this type of Valueset, Getting error when Number Preferences are (,.) instead of (.,)