How to open multiple instances of same Form in same Session?

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A unique session id is created at each sign on – so upon signing into the application, it will create a session_id. This session_id is passed in the header between screens.

If at times you see that the order line is not available to be updated, then you will encounter a locking situation which is an inherent RDBMS behavior.

Internally, we are able to pull up an order in 2 sessions, open several Sales Order Forms and query the same order but if we update one instance – (not saved yet) and go to another instance of the form and try to update it, it will error.

Some seeded Oracle Forms wont allow opening multiple instances of same Form in same Session, this can be fixed by unchecking the box “Close Other Forms” from the Tools menu. But there are some forms where this option is checked and the menu is disabled, how to get rid of this situation and open multiple instances of the Form?

Close Other Forms


This happens because the form function is set with parameter FND_SINGLE_FORM_INSTANCE=’Y’. We can remove this constraint by following below steps:

  1.  Navigate to responsibility : Application Developer
  2.  Navigate to Application –> Function
  3.  Query for Function corresponding to the form
  4.  Click on “Form” tab
  5.  Find the parameter with the value FND_SINGLE_FORM_INSTANCE=’Y’
  6.  Remove this parameter and save
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