MD50, MD70 and MD120 Templates – Free Download

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AIM (Application Implementation Methodology) Documents

Oracle A.I.M. Methodology encompasses a project management methodology with documentation templates that support the life cycle of an implementation. The life cycle methodology and documentation templates allows A.I.M. to be a very useful tool for managing implementation projects successfully.

MD50, MD70 and MD120 are part of AIM documents.


This document specifies various functional specification required for Techies to understand the functional requirement of Form or Report Customization and design.. This is prepared by Functional consultant to clarify the spec to Techies. For any component like Report, Interface etc we have to first get the requirements as to what is the source , destinations, what data should be moved and what functional validations would be required etc. All this would go into the MD050. Generally written by a non-technical people like Business Analysts or Functional Consultants.

Download MD50 template.


This is technical specification prepared by the programmer based on MD50. This provides tech specs, PLSQL code for the Report and Form and helps to understand and modify if required in future. MD070 is the technical document that is written to fulfill the functional requirement specified in MD050. It includes the approaches you take, pseudo code, validations, Data Sources, SQL Statements etc.

Download MD70 template.


MD120 is installation steps Prepared by programmer for the code migration. MD120 mainly consists of the below steps
1. Pre-Installation Steps
2. Installation Steps
3. Verification Checklist

Download MD120 template.


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