Interview Questions with Answers on Basics of Oracle Apps

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Basic Interview Questions on Oracle Apps

  1. Daily activities in implementation Project and Support Project
  2. Distinguish between Key Flexfield and Descriptive Flexfield
  3. How is Apps schema is different from another Schemas ?
  4. I am trying create new account in SOLUTION BECAN for practising oracle apps but they ask CSI NUMBER I don’t know CSI number please help me anyone?
  5. In the case of Interface why we need to load data into the interface tables before loading to base tables. why can’t we load directly into base by using API as we does in conversions
  6. What are the mandatory parameters for Procedures used in Executable?
  7. What is Diagnostics in Oracle Apps??
  8. What is difference between ORG_ID and ORGANIZATION_ID in Multi-Org?
  9. What is Multi Org Flow in Oracle Apps?
  10. What is Multi Org in Oracle Apps?
  11. What is the difference between Fields and FlexFields?
  12. What is the difference between FND_GLOBAL and FND_PROFILE??

Note: New Questions will be added to this list on regular basis

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