Important Tables of Oracle Workflow and their Description

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Table Name Description
WF_ITEMS WF_ITEMS is the runtime table for workflow processes. Each row defines one work item within the system.
WF_ITEM_TYPES The WF_ITEM_TYPES table defines an item that is transitioning through a workflow process.
WF_ITEM_ATTRIBUTES The WF_ITEM_ATTRIBUTES table stores definitions of attributes associated with a process. Each row includes the sequence in which the attribute is used as well as the format of the attribute data.
WF_ACTIVITIES WF_ACTIVITIES table stores the definition of an activity. Activities can be processes, notifications, functions or folders.
WF_ACTIVITY_ATTRIBUTES The WF_ACTIVITY_ATTRIBUTES table defines attributes which behave as parameters for an activity. Activity attributes are only used by function activities. Examples of valid attribute types are DATE, DOCUMENT, FORM, ITEMATTR, LOOKUP, and VARCHAR2.
WF_ITEM_ACTIVITY_STATUSES The WF_ITEM_ACTIVITY_STATUSES TABLE is the runtime table for a work item. Each row includes the start and end date, result code, and any error information an activity generates.
WF_ACTIVITY_TRANSITIONS The WF_ACTIVITY_TRANSITIONS table defines the transitions from one activity to another in a process. Each row includes the activities at the beginning and end of the transition, as well as the result code and physical location of the transition in the process window.
WF_ACTIVITY_ATTR_VALUES The WF_ACTIVITY_ATTR_VALUES table contains the data for the activity attributes. Each row includes the process activity id and the associated value for the attribute.
WF_MESSAGES WF_MESSAGES contains the definitions of messages which may be sent out as notifications.
WF_MESSAGE_ATTRIBUTES WF_MESSAGE_ATTRIBUTES contains message attribute definitions.
WF_NOTIFICATIONS WF_NOTIFICATIONS holds the runtime information about a specific instance of a sent message. A new row is created in the table each time a message is sent.
WF_NOTIFICATION_ATTRIBUTES WF_NOTIFICATION_ATTRIBUTES holds rows created for attributes of a notification. When each new notification is created, a notification attribute row is created for each message attribute in the message definition. Initially, the values of the notification attributes are set to the default values specified in the message attribute definition.
WF_PROCESS_ACTIVITIES WF_PROCESS_ACTIVITIES stores the data for an activity within a specific process.
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