Printing Dynamic Signatures on PO Output for Communication Report

By | July 29, 2015 | 1,340 views | Category: Purchasing XMLP

Recently I got a requirement to print signatures of Purchasing Buyer dynamically on PO Output for Communication report. Since this report uses seeded data definition, it is not possible to store signature file name in database. Hence I came up with a solution to store signature file in $OA_MEDIA path with file name in the below format


since first and last name of the buyer are readily available in data definition.

Below are the steps to implement this:

Insert a dummy image, right click the image and select ‘Format Picture’ and then go to ‘Alt Text’ tab and then enter the URL as given below


Format Picture 1 - XMLP

Format Picture - XMLP

To find physical unix path of $OA_MEDIA top, use the query in the below URL:
SQL Query to findout Application Tops unix physical path

Note: If at all the dummy signature image is inserted in a table in rtf layout then ‘Format Picture’ option will not be available, in that case the dummy image must be inserted into a non table layout and then set the URL in ‘Alt Text’ then copy back the picture in the table layout.

Click here to download the sample RTF file demonstrated in this article.

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