General Ledger Interface Tables

General Ledger Interface Tables Purpose of Table
GL_INTERFACE GL_INTERFACE is used to import journal entry batches through Journal Import.
Base Tables:

GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL GL_INTERFACE_CONTROL is used to control Journal Import execution. Whenever you start Journal Import from the Import Journals form, a row is inserted into this table for each source and group id that you specified. When Journal Import completes, it deletes these rows from the table.
GL_INTERFACE_HISTORY GL_INTERFACE_HISTORY stores the rows that are successfully imported from the GL_INTERFACE table through Journal Import.
GL_BUDGET_INTERFACE GL_BUDGET_INTERFACE is used to upload budget data into your Oracle General Ledger application from a spreadsheet program or other external source. Each row includes one fiscal year’s worth of budget amounts for an account.
GL_DAILY_RATES_INTERFACE GL_DAILY_RATES_INTERFACE is used to create, update, and delete daily conversion rates. You can use this table to load rates into the GL_DAILY_RATES table.
Base Tables:

GL_IMP_COA_SEG_VAL_INTERFACE Interface table to capture data for the import of Chart of Accounts Segment Values.
GL_IMP_COA_NORM_HIER_INTERFACE Interface table to capture data for the import Child Ranges for Parent Chart of Account Segment Values.
GL_IMP_COA_ERR_INTERFACE Error message interface table for the Chart of Account Segment Values Import process.
GL_XFR_INTERFACE This table is a custom version of the gl_interface table for use by the balance transfer to Fusion Application
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