Oracle Sales Orders Interface/Conversion

Sales Orders Interface is an open interface for entering, changing or canceling orders and returns. It can be used to bring in orders from external systems, legacy systems, EDI, or from internal systems such as internal orders created by Oracle Purchasing to fulfill internal requisitions.

Pre-requisites of Sales Order Interface:
To load sales orders data, below pre-requisite setups has to be done prior to execution of conversion.

  1. Order Type
  2. Line Type
  3. Items
  4. Customers
  5. Ship Method/ Freight Carrier
  6. Sales Person
  7. Sales Territories
  8. Customer Order Holds
  9. Sub Inventory/ Locations
  10. On hand Quantity
Interface Table Releated Base Table

Note: To load both Customers and Orders, data should be populated into OE_ORDER_CUST_IFACE_ALL interface table.

Important Validations for Sales Order Conversion:

  1. Customer Name
  2. Site BILL/SHIP Location
  3. Customer PO number
  4. Operating unit
  5. Price List
  6. Order Type
  7. Payment type
  8. Organization Code
  9. Currency on Order
  10. Freight Terms
  11. Sales Person Name
  12. Conversion Type
  13. Item Number
  14. UOM code

Steps for Sales Order Conversion

  1. STEP 1: Load data into Interface tables either with SQL Loader or any other utility once all the pre-requisite setups are done
  2. STEP 2: Run ‘Order Import’ program to validate/load sales orders
  3. STEP 3: Corrections to Imported Data from Order Import Corrections Window
  4. Sales Order with API approach:

    Order Import APIs OE_ORDER_PUB.GET_ORDER and OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER can be used to import orders.

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