XML Data for Positive Pay

Unlike check printing, Positive Pay XML data is NOT present in table IBY_TRXN_DOCUMENTS.

To get XML data for Positive Pay, we need to attach ‘Extract Identity‘ XMLP Template to Payment Format and run PPR process. Output of ‘Positive Pay File‘ concurrent request will be the XML data of that particular PPR run. Using this XML data, we can find the data structure which will be helpful to develop/debug eText template layout.

Steps to Implement:

    1. Navigate to Payables Manager –> Setup –> Formats
    2. Query or Create a Format with Type as “Disbursement Positive Pay File” and Data Extract as “Oracle Payments Funds Disbursement Positive Pay, Version 1.0
    3. Select XML Publisher Template as “Extract Identity

1.Positive Pay Format

    1. Submit PPR with enabling the check box to submit Positive Pay from PPR

2.Positive Pay Format

Before assigning ‘Extract Identity’ XMLP Template to Payment Format, make sure ‘Extract Identity’ XMLP Template has xsl file ‘IBY_IDENTITY_en.xsl’ attached to the template. If the file is not present, you can download the file from “$IBY_TOP/patch/115/publisher/templates/IBY_IDENTITY_en.xsl” and attach is to the template.

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