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Tables and Views of Oracle Alerts

Tables Table Name Description ALR_ACTION_DATA Exceptions found during an action set check ALR_ACTION_GROUP_MEMBERS Member actions of an alert action group ALR_ACTION_GROUPS Alert action, threshold, and escalation groups ALR_ACTION_HISTORY Actual action execution history ALR_ACTION_OUTPUTS Critical outputs used in a summary action ALR_ACTION_SET_CHECKS Action set check information ALR_ACTION_SET_INPUTS Alert action set inputs ALR_ACTION_SET_MEMBERS Member actions and action… Read More »

FAQs on Oracle Alerts

What are Oracle Alerts? Oracle Alert facilitates the flow of information within your organization by letting you create entities called alerts to monitor your business information and to notify you of the information you want. What they are capable of? Keep you informed of database exception conditions, as they occur. Take predefined actions when it… Read More »