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FND_GLOBAL and FND_PROFILE: Import List of System Global values

We can find values of System global values using FND_PROFILE and FND_GLOBAL FND_PROFILE To manipulate values stored in client and server user profile caches.Any changes you make to profile option values using these routines affect only the run-time environment. The effect of these settings end when the program ends, because the database session (which holds… Read More »

How to make a Concurrent Program WAIT untill completion of another Concurrent Program execution?

While working on interfaces we face some requirements like submitting a concurrent program sequentially one after the other. In some scenarios we need to submit 2nd concurrent program only when 1st current program is successfully completed. In such scenarios we need to wait for completion of the 1st program execution and then decide whether we… Read More »

FNDLOAD for Multilingual/Territory

FNDLOAD usually downloads LDT file based on the application specific default language (most of the cases default language would be ‘US’). Some time we end up in situation to download LDT files for Lookups and Messages which are based on other languages like French, Japanese, etc.,. In such situations we need to set language information… Read More »

How to use Oracle Message Dictionary – FND MESSAGES

Oracle Message Dictionary provides flexibility to store pre-formatted text as part of its catalog to display them as error/warning/note messages in Forms, Log Files, OAF Pages, Reports, etc., Advantages of Message Dictionary: Change or translate the message text to different languages without regenerating or recompiling the code. It provides consistent look and feel of the… Read More »

Making a DFF read only through custom.pll

We can make a DFF read only through Custom.pll by using a seeded procedure ‘FND_DESCR_FLEX.UPDATE_DEFINITION’. Here is the syntax of the procedure: FND_DESCR_FLEX.UPDATE_DEFINITION( /* Arguments that specify the flexfield location */ BLOCK=>’block_name’, FIELD=>’field_name’, /* Argument to enable or disable flexfield */ [ENABLED=>'{Y|N}’,] /* Other optional parameters */ [VDATE=>’date’,] [TITLE =>’Title’,] [AUTOPICK=>'{Y|N}’,] [USEDBFLDS=>'{Y|N}’,] [READ_ONLY=>'{Y|N}’,] [LOCK_FLAG=>'{Y|N}’,] [HELP=>’APPL=application_short_name;… Read More »