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What is MO_GLOBAL.INIT and When to Use MO_GLOBAL.INIT?

Before reading this post, if you are new to Multi Org and MOAC then read: MOAC – Oracle Apps ORG_ID, Multi Org Concept What is MO_GLOBAL.INIT ? MO_GLOBAL.INIT will read the “MO: Operating Unit” and “MO: Security Profile” profile option values from the current context (responsibility/user) and will initialize access to Multiple Organizations. How does… Read More »

API to add a Claim Line to already existing Claim

SET serveroutput ON;   DECLARE l_return_status VARCHAR2 (1); l_msg_count NUMBER; l_msg_data VARCHAR2 (20000); l_resp_name VARCHAR2 (100) := ‘Oracle Trade Management User’; l_user_name VARCHAR2 (100) := ‘SYSADMIN’; l_claim_number CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (25) := ‘CLA10107’; l_appl_id NUMBER; l_resp_id NUMBER; l_user_id NUMBER; l_org_id NUMBER; l_line_counter NUMBER := 1; l_claim_id NUMBER; l_api_version CONSTANT NUMBER := 1.0; l_error_index NUMBER; l_claim_line_pub_tbl ozf_claim_pub.claim_line_tbl_type;… Read More »

API for UOM Conversion

A unit of measure conversion is a mathematical relationship between two different units of measure. For example, 12 Each = 1 Dozen. If you want to transact items in units of measure belonging to classes other than their primary UOM class, you must define conversions between the base units of measure in different UOM classes.… Read More »

Oracle Script to Copy Responsibilites of one user account to another user account

fnd_user_pkg.addresp is an Oracle Seeded API to add responsibilities to a user account. Added some logic to select responsibilities of one user to another user. Below is the script to copy responsibilities of user “XX_ORACLE_APPS_DNA_1” to “XX_ORACLE_APPS_DNA_2” /******************************************************************************* *PURPOSE: To copy responsibilities of one user account to another user account * *AUTHOR: Shailender Thallam *… Read More »