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Making a DFF read only through custom.pll

We can make a DFF read only through Custom.pll by using a seeded procedure ‘FND_DESCR_FLEX.UPDATE_DEFINITION’. Here is the syntax of the procedure: FND_DESCR_FLEX.UPDATE_DEFINITION( /* Arguments that specify the flexfield location */ BLOCK=>’block_name’, FIELD=>’field_name’, /* Argument to enable or disable flexfield */ [ENABLED=>'{Y|N}’,] /* Other optional parameters */ [VDATE=>’date’,] [TITLE =>’Title’,] [AUTOPICK=>'{Y|N}’,] [USEDBFLDS=>'{Y|N}’,] [READ_ONLY=>'{Y|N}’,] [LOCK_FLAG=>'{Y|N}’,] [HELP=>’APPL=application_short_name;… Read More »