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Error(X,X): class should be declared abstract; it does not define method setLastUpdateLogin(oracle.jbo.domain.Number) of class oracle.apps.fnd.framework.server.OAEntityImpl

As per Oracle Applications standards all tables should have WHO columns. So, OAF expects all Entity Objects to include WHO columns as attributes, following are the list of WHO column attributes which OAF expects: LastUpdateLogin LastUpdatedBy LastUpdateDate CreationDate CreatedBy Reason oracle.apps.fnd.framework.server.OAEntityImpl is a abstract class, and has a method declared as setLastUpdateLogin(oracle.jbo.domain.Number) in class. Now,… Read More »

CallableStatement: Calling PL/SQL Procedure from OAF

We need to use a Callable Statement to call either a function or a procedure from OAF. Here are the steps to call a PL/SQL procedure: Create a CallableStatement with the PL/SQL block of code to call the stored procedure Bind input and output variabled Execute CallableStatement Capture OUT parameters Close the CallableStatement statement import… Read More »

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RowSetIterator in OAF: Usage of Row Set Iterator to Traverse VO Rows

RowSetIterator It is the interface for Row Set Iterator. A Row Iterator is an iterator over a collection of View rows or Entity rows. Usage import oracle.jbo.Row; import oracle.jbo.RowSetIterator;   public void rowTraverse() {   //VO Instance XXLkpCodesVOImpl vo = getXXLkpCodesVO1();   //Row Instance XXLkpCodesVORowImpl row = null; int rowCount = vo.getFetchedRowCount();   //RowSetIterator Instance… Read More »

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Steps To Clear Cache Using Functional Administrator for OA Pages

Why do we need to clear Cache? Clearing Cache makes the OA engine to refresh the middle tire cache by reloading the configurable or session dependent values like Profile Options, Personalizations directly from the server. Steps To Clear Cache Navigate to Functional Administrator responsibility and click on “Core Services” tab Click on “Caching Framework” menu… Read More »

All about JDR_UTILS – An API to explore OAF metadata

JDR_UTILS is a PL/SQL package which has procedures and functions to query OA Framework personalizations/customizations present in OA Framework metadata in the MDS repository. Here are some useful JDR_UTILS APIs: JDR_UTILS.LISTDOCUMENTS Use this API to list of all OA Framework documents in the given path/module. It provides list of all the pages/extensions/personalizations. Parameters: 1. p_path… Read More »

How to install and setup JDeveloper for OAF

Find Out the Right version Not all versions of JDeveloper tool is compatible with any version of Oracle E-Business Suite, so we need to find the correct version of JDeveloper which is compatible to the Oracle E-Business Suite version we use. For example we need to use Patch 9879989 of JDeveloper 10g for R12.1.3. Refer… Read More »

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Error while opening JDeveloper: Unable to create an instance of the Java Virtual Machine error

Some times we get an error message “Unable to create an instance of the Java Virtual Machine” while opening JDeveloper. We can resolve this problem by increasing the virtual memory space for Jdeveloper. Follow below steps: Find for file jdev.conf which is usually in the path <Jdev_Root_Folder>/ jdevbin/jdev/bin Search for a line with text “AddVMOption”… Read More »

Profile options for OAF Personalization

Most of the times I forget the exact names of profile options related to OAF, so just for reference I am listing out here. • Personalize Self-Service Defn – Yes to allow ‘Personalize’ link to appear at the top of the page • FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled – Yes to display all the regional… Read More »