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Sales Orders not getting Invoiced

If Invoice not interfaced 1. Order Type workflow assignments to check if there is an invoicing node. 2. From Order –> Lines go to Tools –> Workflow Status, check if the Invoice Interface is complete as shown in the attachment. Lines stuck in Interface Trip Stop? Check in Shipping–> Interfaces –> Run and select ITS… Read More »

Oracle Sales Orders Interface/Conversion

Sales Orders Interface is an open interface for entering, changing or canceling orders and returns. It can be used to bring in orders from external systems, legacy systems, EDI, or from internal systems such as internal orders created by Oracle Purchasing to fulfill internal requisitions. Pre-requisites of Sales Order Interface: To load sales orders data,… Read More »


Here is the query to find link of Sales Orders with their corresponding Invoices /************************************************************************** *PURPOSE: To find link of Sales Orders with their corresponding Invoices * *AUTHOR: Shailender Thallam * **************************************************************************/ SELECT ooh.order_number, ool.line_number, ool.ordered_item, ool.ordered_quantity * ool.unit_selling_price, rcta.trx_number invoice_number, rcta.trx_date, rctl.line_number, rctl.unit_selling_price, ooh.org_id FROM oe_order_headers_all ooh, oe_order_lines_all ool, ra_customer_trx_all rcta, ra_customer_trx_lines_all rctl WHERE… Read More »

Order to Cash Technical Flow

Here in this article I will be writing technical details of Order to Cash Cycle. Order Entry Sales Order entry consists of two parts, Order header and Order lines. Order Header As order header information is entered and saved a record is created in OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL only and this record will be linked to many other… Read More »

11 Reasons for a Sales Order to get Backordered!

A Sales Order can get into backorder state after performing Pick Release on a Sales Order but there are many reasons for a Sales Order to get backorder. Today I will list the possible reasons for a Sales Order to get backorder. Order on Hold Inventory Period NOT open No enough on-hand quantity No enough… Read More »

Useful Information about Workflow Background Process Concurrent Program

What is the purpose of Workflow Background Process Workflow Background Process is a concurrent program which is run for processing deferred activities, timed out activities, and stuck processes using the parameters specified. The background engine executes all activities that satisfy the given arguments at the time that the background engine is invoked. This procedure does… Read More »