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XML Data for Positive Pay

Unlike check printing, Positive Pay XML data is NOT present in table IBY_TRXN_DOCUMENTS. To get XML data for Positive Pay, we need to attach ‘Extract Identity‘ XMLP Template to Payment Format and run PPR process. Output of ‘Positive Pay File‘ concurrent request will be the XML data of that particular PPR run. Using this XML… Read More »

XML Data of AP Check Payments – Format Payments Instructions in R12

Generally after running Payment Process Request, we can get the XML data in the log file of ‘Format Payment Instructions with Text Output’ using which we can develop/debug the rtf/eText template using XML Publisher. Not only in the log file but also the XML data is stored in IBY_TRXN_DOCUMENTS table. Below is the SQL Statement… Read More »

Payables Interface Tables

Paybles Interface Table Purpose of Table AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE stores header information about invoices that you create or load for import. Invoice data comes from sources including: EDI invoices from your suppliers that you load through Oracle e-Commerce Gateway, supplier invoices that you transfer through the Oracle XML Gateway, invoices that you load using Oracle SQL*Loader,… Read More »