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FAQs on PO Output for Communication Report

Here is a summary of what I have learnt of PO Output for Communication report on my recent engagement. What is PO Output for Communication? PO Output for Communication usually called as PO Print Report is one of the most important and standard report in Purchasing to communicate Purchase order information to supplier through an… Read More »

SQL Query to find Status of GL and PO Accounting Periods

Here is the query to find out the status of GL and PO Accounting Periods from back end: SELECT "Set of Books" , fnd.product_code "Product Code" , ps.PERIOD_NAME "Period Name" , ps.START_DATE "Period Start Date" , ps.END_DATE "Period End Date" , DECODE(ps.closing_status, ‘O’,’O – Open’ , ‘N’,’N – Never Opened’ , ‘F’,’F – Future… Read More »

Internal Requisition not imported to Order Management

When working with Internal Order Process, I had met the following problem: 1) Created Internal Requisition and Approved it. 2) Ran “Create Internal Order” concurrent request 3) Ran “Order Import” concurrent request in Oracle Order Management module. 4) Navigated to Order Organizer  to find Internal Sales Order that created, but can not found. I had… Read More »