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SSH-KEYGEN Password Less Entry Setup to connect from one server to another server without Password

Once I had a requirement to copy some files from APP sever to DB server of same instance on regular intervals. We can achieve this by writing a small host program to connect to DB sever through FTP or SFTP and transfer files but this would require DB server login user name and password. We… Read More »

What is Host Program? How to create Host Program? and What is .Prog file?

To run a unix based shell script as a concurrent program, the executable of the concurrent program should be registered as a ‘Host’ program. The execution file name of the host program should end with .prog extension and a soft link should be created for the .prog file. Here is an example of creation of… Read More »

What is TKPROF? How to run TKPROF?

Trace file is not in a understandable format, but to make it easier to understand and readable Oracle has provided a utility TKPROF. Syntaxt to run TKPROF TKPROF <trace-file> <output-file> [options]TKPROF <trace-file> <output-file> [options] Note: Its mandatory to set environment before running TKPROF. TKPROF Example TKPROF PerfIssue.trc PerfIssue.prf — –Another way with options — TKPROF… Read More »