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FNDLOAD Commands to Migrate WebADI Objects

Below are the different components of WebADI the can be migrated from one instance to another Integrators Contents Layouts Mappings Parameter List Components Integrator Command to Download Integrator FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y DOWNLOAD $BNE_TOP/patch/115/import/bneintegrator.lct XX_INTEGRATOR_LDT_FILE.ldt BNE_INTEGRATORS INTEGRATOR_ASN=”XX_CUST” INTEGRATOR_CODE=”XX_INTEGRATOR_CODE” Command to Upload Integrator FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y UPLOAD $BNE_TOP/patch/115/import/bneintegrator.lct XX_INTEGRATOR_LDT_FILE.ldt Contents Command to Download Contents FNDLOAD… Read More »