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How to migrate Business Events and their Subscriptions

Oracle has provided a WFXLoad utility to download Business Event definitions from a database in to a flat XML file. WFXLoad utility works with adjava (Automatic Distribution of Java Applications). Syntax for downloading Business Events adjava -d apps **** ServerName:PortNumber:SID thin US ./FileNameTowhichEventShouldGetDownloaded.wfx EVENTS EventNameadjava -d apps **** ServerName:PortNumber:SID thin US ./FileNameTowhichEventShouldGetDownloaded.wfx EVENTS… Read More »

PL/SQL document: Workflow Notification with Dynamic HTML Body

To generate a HTML notification we can just write HTML code on the message notification but unfortunately message body accepts only content 32kb of content. If message body exceeds 32kb size then we can go for “PL/SQL” documents, “PL/SQL CLOB” documents, and “PL/SQL BLOB” documents. We can also use this PL/SQL documents when we need… Read More »

[WFLOAD]How to download and upload a Workflow?

Oracle Workflows are database applications whose definition is stored in different database tables. We can download/upload workflow definition from different database tables to a flat file using a Oracle command line utility ‘WFLOAD‘ Following is the syntax for WFLOAD utility WFLOAD apps/<apps_pwd> 0 Y UPLOAD <file_name>.wft WFLOAD apps/<apps_pwd> 0 Y DOWNLOAD <file_name>.wft <Item_Type>WFLOAD apps/<apps_pwd> 0… Read More »

Useful Information about Workflow Background Process Concurrent Program

What is the purpose of Workflow Background Process Workflow Background Process is a concurrent program which is run for processing deferred activities, timed out activities, and stuck processes using the parameters specified. The background engine executes all activities that satisfy the given arguments at the time that the background engine is invoked. This procedure does… Read More »