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Different Headers and Footers for Different pages of XMLP Layout

By default, XMLP doesn’t provide a feature to place different headers and footers for different pages. Usually we get this sort of requirements in PO and Invoice related customer facing documents to have different content is last page like summary information, we can fulfill this requirement using <?start@last-page:body?> <?end body?> tags. But this wont allow… Read More »

FAQs on PO Output for Communication Report

Here is a summary of what I have learnt of PO Output for Communication report on my recent engagement. What is PO Output for Communication? PO Output for Communication usually called as PO Print Report is one of the most important and standard report in Purchasing to communicate Purchase order information to supplier through an… Read More »

XML Publisher Interview Questions with Answers

Click on the question to see the answer What is XML Publisher? What is the difference between XML publisher and BI Publisher? What are the various components required for developing a BI publisher report? How does the concurrent request relate both data template and layout template it should be using for generating the output? What… Read More »

Developing XML Publisher Reports using Data Template

Data template is one of the method of generating reports in XMLP. Reports in XMLP has two components: Data Definition Template Data Definition Data definition is a component which pulls out data from a data source and generates the data file in an XML format with a user defined structure. Template Template is a layout… Read More »

How to Display Leading Zeros in XMLP Report – Excel Output

Microsoft Excel has a tendency to display number format based columns with no prefix of ZEROs. For example, if there is a value ‘007’ excel displays it as ‘7’, excel display it as ‘007’ only if the column is set in text format. You can see the difference in the below screenshot Please go through… Read More »

PL/SQL Script to Generate XML Tags for XMLP Report

There are many ways to generate output in XML tags format, dbms_xmlgen is one of the way to generate. Lets consider an example to display EMP table output in XMLP report in excel format, below is the scrip to generate xml tags DECLARE — –Cursor to fetch the data — CURSOR data_cur IS — SELECT… Read More »