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PL/SQL Script to Generate XML Tags for XMLP Report

There are many ways to generate output in XML tags format, dbms_xmlgen is one of the way to generate. Lets consider an example to display EMP table output in XMLP report in excel format, below is the scrip to generate xml tags DECLARE — –Cursor to fetch the data — CURSOR data_cur IS — SELECT… Read More »

XDO – XMLP Important Base Tables

Here are some of the important XMLP tables. Table Name Description XDO_CONFIG_PROPERTIES_B Stores the XML Publisher Administration configuration properties that are accessible from the OA Framework interface. XDO_CONFIG_PROPERTIES_TL Translation table for XDO_CONFIG_PROPERTIES_B. XDO_CONFIG_VALUES Stores the values assigned to the property in Administration Configuration Data XDO_CURRENCY_FORMATS Stores the format masks for various currencies. A collection of… Read More »