How different is Alert from a database trigger

Oracle Apps Interview QuestionsCategory: Oracle AlertsHow different is Alert from a database trigger
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is DB Trigger and Alert the same??

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Shailender Thallam Staff answered 4 years ago

Oracle Alerts: Oracle Alerts are used to monitor unusual or critical activity within a designated database. The flexibility of ALERTS allows a database administrator the ability to monitor activities from tablespace sizing to activities associated with particular applications (i.e. AP, GL, FA). Alerts can be created to monitor a process in the database and to notify a specific individual of the status of the process.

Oracle Triggers: Oracle lets you define procedures called triggers that run implicitly when an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement is issued against the associated table or, in some cases, against a view, or when database system actions occur. You can write triggers that fire whenever one of the following operations occurs:

  1. Alert Code can be modified and viewed in a screen
  2. Periodic alert is not possible through Database trigger
  3. Oracle Alert will also transfer your entire alert definition across databases. You can instantly leverage the work done in one area to all your systems.
  4. Customizable Alert Frequency with Oracle Alert, you can choose the frequency of each periodic alert. You may want to check some alerts every day, some only once a month, still others only when you explicitly request them.