How do you create a table validated value set dependent on another value set?

Oracle Apps Interview QuestionsCategory: AOL-SysAdminHow do you create a table validated value set dependent on another value set?
Questions Master asked 4 years ago
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Shailender Thallam Staff answered 4 years ago

We can use $FLEX$.<Value set name> in the where condition of the target valueset to restrict LOV values bases on parent value set.

suneel answered 4 years ago

Independent :
In the value Set we can enter the values manually.
Application developer–>Application–>Validation–>Set–>
Choose the Validation type as Independent –> Save.
Copy the Name Of The Value Set Name
Go to Application–>Validation –> Values
Enter the Value Set Name ,Click On Find
Enter the value Manually and Save.
Go to Concurrent program Attach this Value Sat
Switch to Switch Responsibility To Your Responsibility
Submit The Report.
Dependent Value Set:
Dependent value Set Will Depends Always on one Independent Value set .
To First parameter we can Attach Independent Value Set ,Second parameter we Can Attach to  Dependent
It is Always similar to ‘$FLEX$’ behaviour¬† But instead of Providing From Database.
First Create one Independent Value Set
Provide the List Of Values Like Below
Advantage Corp
Go to Application–>validation–>Set–>
Mention the Name
Take the Validation Type as Dependent–>Click on EDIT Information–>Attach the independent Value Set.
Provide the default Values From the first value set and its Description.
Copy the Dependent value Set Name.
Go To Application–>Validation–>Values
Enter the Dependent Value Set –>Find –> Enter
The List of Values for the First value Independent to Provide The list Values to the Second Value.
Press Down Arrow like wise we can Provide the Values for all the Independent value Set Values.
Attach the Values set to the Second Parameter–> SAVE.
SUBMIT it form your Responsibility..
Hope You Guys Understand…

suneel answered 4 years ago

Table Value set:
Go to Application Developer–>Application–>Validation–>set–> Enter the Name ,Format,Width
–>Select the validation type as table
–> Click on edit information
Provide the table Name–>ap_suppliers
application name–>Payables(Optional)
Enter the Column name as vendor_name
datatype,width,click on save.
Go to concurrent program–>F11–>Query with your report.
–>click on parameters–>Attach the value set–> click on save..
switch Responsibility to your responsibility(Payables)–>Submit your report .
It will popup the parameters window.
–>click on LOV–>It will Show the LOV’S