Anonymous asked 4 years ago and why we dump the records from flat file to statging table?
2.if i load the data from single data file to multiple file file how can we load explain the process to process the records which r not transferring records from staging table to
interfaces table?based on issue weather it is technical issue or functional issue then we hav to notify to users
wt is the problem we had faced or occurs?
4.wt r the common validations or errors we will do in interface pl/sql program
5.wtr the validations u hav done in uploading date from pre interface to interface table
6.wt is the standard concurrent program to upload data or import data ?wt do you do if record is rejected while using sql*loader and were u update custom folder name which is using for storing flat files to convert data to staging tables
using UTL_FILE
8.where you get the error file while u run the sql*loader from oracle applications?
how to resolve error records and how to track errors in interface
9. why we use sql*loader and how u handle null columns using sql*loader