What is Logical Apps in brief ???

Oracle Apps Interview QuestionsCategory: OthersWhat is Logical Apps in brief ???
Questions Master asked 4 years ago
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Shailender Thallam Staff answered 4 years ago

Logical Apps is an Oracle Forms based product by LogicalApps company ( A compliance vendor) which now owns by Oracle. Logical Apps helps to enforce additional rules on oracle forms without modifying oracle standard form like

  1. Disabling a field in a form based on user login or through some role, or job/designation etc.
  2. Generate Audit on fields of a form
  3. Hide a Tab
  4. Prevent update, insert and delete of a new records on a form
  5. Hide a field, Making a field required, enforce upper case and lower case
For example:
A business requirement may go like this:
A PO user and AR user might have access to customer address information but as per GRC(Governance, Risk, and Compliance) rules PO user should not have access to see Billing Address and AR user should not have access to see Shipping Address.

Logical Apps can provides feature to impose certain rules to restrict information on the forms and achieve the requirement.
To be short, LogicalApps provides a bit or more like functionality what a forms personalization can do