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API to add a Claim Line to already existing Claim

SET serveroutput ON;   DECLARE l_return_status VARCHAR2 (1); l_msg_count NUMBER; l_msg_data VARCHAR2 (20000); l_resp_name VARCHAR2 (100) := ‘Oracle Trade Management User’; l_user_name VARCHAR2 (100) := ‘SYSADMIN’; l_claim_number CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (25) := ‘CLA10107’; l_appl_id NUMBER; l_resp_id NUMBER; l_user_id NUMBER; l_org_id NUMBER; l_line_counter NUMBER := 1; l_claim_id NUMBER; l_api_version CONSTANT NUMBER := 1.0; l_error_index NUMBER; l_claim_line_pub_tbl ozf_claim_pub.claim_line_tbl_type;… Read More »