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PL/SQL Script to Delete Lookup or Lookup Code

/******************************************** *PURPOSE: To Delete Lookup or Lookup Code * *AUTHOR: Shailender Thallam * *********************************************/ SET serveroutput ON; —   DECLARE CURSOR cur_lkp_values IS SELECT lookup_type, lookup_code, security_group_id, view_application_id FROM fnd_lookup_values WHERE lookup_type = ‘XX_LKP_NAME’ AND lookup_code LIKE ‘XX_LKP_CODE’; BEGIN FOR i IN cur_lkp_values LOOP BEGIN fnd_lookup_values_pkg.delete_row (x_lookup_type => i.lookup_type, x_security_group_id => i.security_group_id, x_view_application_id => i.view_application_id,… Read More »