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PL/SQL Script to Remove and Add Users to Adhoc Role

DECLARE ln_role_users_count NUMBER; lc_role_name apps.wf_roles.NAME%TYPE := ‘XX_TEST_ROLE’; BEGIN —————————— –Checking if Adhoc Role Exits —————————— SELECT COUNT (1) INTO ln_role_users_count FROM apps.wf_user_roles WHERE NAME = lc_role_name;   IF ln_role_users_count > 0 THEN ——————————– –Removing users from Adhoc Role ——————————– apps.wf_directory.removeusersfromadhocrole (role_name => lc_role_name);   dbms_output.put_line("Users removed from Role!"); END IF; ——————————– –Adding users to Adhoc… Read More »