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What is TKPROF? How to run TKPROF?

Trace file is not in a understandable format, but to make it easier to understand and readable Oracle has provided a utility TKPROF. Syntaxt to run TKPROF TKPROF <trace-file> <output-file> [options]TKPROF <trace-file> <output-file> [options] Note: Its mandatory to set environment before running TKPROF. TKPROF Example TKPROF PerfIssue.trc PerfIssue.prf — –Another way with options — TKPROF… Read More »

How to Generate Trace for a Seeded or Custom Concurrent Program/Report?

This article tells you the process of generating trace for a concurrent program which will be helpful for debugging. Step 1: Enable trace for a concurrent program Navigate to System Administrator Responsibility –> Concurrent Programs –> Define and Query the program/report and then enable check box Enable trace Step 2: Enabling Debugging Profile Option Navigate… Read More »